Who is Limephusion?

Taking the frustration out of technology, whilst using it to advance, protect and promote your business

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So what makes us different?

Limephusion is passionate about technology and has the ability to convert that passion into practical use. We believe that technology does not have to be complex and can be a catalyst in transforming your business and service offerings.

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Limephusion’s mission is about defining a clear path to technology solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. Limephusion uses a straight-forward approach to technology; an approach that makes your business run more efficiently using the right tools to support you.

Limephusion was founded in 2007 by a team of individuals who had identified the need to provide a simpler approach to computing and technology for small to medium- sized businesses.



Each of the Limephusion team has worked as both end user and provider of technology-based solutions. We are therefore uniquely qualified to define and deliver what works best for your business.

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Our technology partners

Limephusion works with technology partners, to help deliver services and products that work best for you and your business. Click on any of the images below to see how their products and services can work for you.


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