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Do you know technology can be used to promote and position your business?


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Are you using technology effectively to advance and grow your business?


Data Backup & Archive

Backing up your business data is an essential task. Local backups protect your data in the event of system failure, but what about theft or fire at your site?


Limephusion offers a comprehensive and robust backup service that addresses local, online and offsite protection of your data.

Review Define & Deliver

Businesses rely on effective technology. Do you know if your systems are impacting your productivity or your ability to be competitive?


Limephusion can review your current technology needs, define and deliver a solution from a simple upgrade to a complete system, which is scalable, accessible and secure.

Phusion Services


Technology is only part of the story and we have a range of overlay services to help you further. From training you on your new system or application to setting up your social media platform, we offer our knowledge solutions to help Advance, Protect and Promote your business. From business planning and advice to office relocation we're here to help. If you simply wish to have an informal chat come, and talk to us.


Contact us now for further information, and find out how together we can provide the right solution for you.  

Limephusion can help define and deliver the right technology solution for you or review how your current setup can be optimised.

Business Process Review

Businesses change and evolve over time, are your processes supporting your business needs effectively?


Limephusion will review your current processes, and provide a roadmap that will support and advance your business.

How do you protect your information from unwanted access and loss of data?

Limephusion can securely protect your business with our Internet control and backup services.

Internet Control

Computer and information security is critical to any business. Are your systems protected from outside and inside vulnerabilities?


Limephusion will help you to protect your business from unwanted access and enables you to control what is shared.

Podcast Production

Audio and video podcasts are portable, flexible and widely accessible. They build relationships, share information, promote your expertise, products and services.


Limephusion offers an end-to-end audio and video production service that ensures your podcast is professional, dynamic and personal to your business.

Business Identity

Brand identity is key to promoting your business. Do your business communications have a professional and consistent look and feel?


Limephusion can create a set of templates, email signatures that ensure each communication delivers a consistent message. We now offer Hosted Email services.

Limephusion can help build your business identity and reach a wider audience with our podcast production and business identity services.

Protect your business

Promote your business

Services for your business - our approach

We approach technology in a simplified manner which consists of three technology service areas. The first moves what you do as a business forward in Advance, the second ensures that your business is safe under Protect, the third gets your business noticed by more people in Promote.

Taking the frustration out of technology, whilst using it to advance, protect and promote your business

Backing up your business data listen now

Using the PDF listen now

Backup your data & keeping it safe read it now

PC housekeeping - part I read it now

Staying safe on line get it now

Home WiFi setup get it now

Advance your business


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