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Here you will find a list of all our previous Podcasts for you to download and enjoy. Limephusion has a wealth of written audio media that you can listen to online or download at your leisure. Please come back soon as we are always updating this page with the latest articles, reviews, tips and tricks.

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Podcast Archive


Making Better User of the Internet: Part 1 - Podcasting for Business - June 2010

Recorded by: Limephusion - Topics: Podcasting, Articles, Social Media, Promote, Advice

Part 1 of our series looks at why businesses should get involved with Podcasting. Download this podcast



Web Browser Roundup - March 2010

Recorded by: Limephusion - Topics: Windows, Browsers, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Advice

We take a look at the latest update to XP, Vista and Windows 7 that gives the user a choice of default web browser. Download this podcast



Backing up your business critical data - March 2009

Recorded by: Limephusion - Topics: Backup, Data Protection, Archiving

In this Podcast, we discuss how to manage your data effectively, to ensure it is always backed up and safe. Download this podcast



Top Gadgets for under 200 & Top Tips - December 2008

Recorded by: Limephusion - Topics: Gadgets, Fun, iPods, PC's, Holiday Bargins

Limephusion discusses some top gadgets for under 200 and provides some top tips for making your PC or MAC work better. Download this podcast



Using the PDF - September 2008

Recorded by: Limephusion - Topics: PDF, Adobe, Word, Templates, Office Documents

This Podcast talks about the Portable Document Format (PDF) and its uses in today's technology world. Download this podcast



Wireless networks simplified - May 2008

Recorded by: The Limephusion team - Topics: WiFi, Wireless Networking, Home Wireless Setup

This 8th special-edition Podcast from the Limephusion team discusses some of the important facts to remember when looking at installing a Wireless Network in your home or place of work. Download this podcast



What can an iPod do for you? - May 2008

Recorded by: The Limephusion team - Topics: Apple, iPod, POdcast production, Promote, Training

The term iPod has slipped to the English language as the name we use to describe an MP3/MP4 player. In this article we want to take a deeper look at first what can you use these devices for, but more importantly, what can you get from creating your own content for these devices. Download this podcast



TV On-demand - March 2008

Recorded by: The Limephusion team - Topics: Apple TV, Media, Fil, BBC, Amazon, 4OD

This 6th edition Podcast from the LImephusion team discusses the many ways of having TV delivered to your PC, MAC or TV system. The team look at a variety of solutions and review what's available to the UK consumer today. Download this podcast



Online shopping - being safe online - December 2007

Recorded by: The Limephusion team - Topics: Shopping, Security, Amazon, Play

This special edition Podcast features a look at using your computer to purchase items from the Internet and highlights some of the ways you can be safe and secure on-line. Download this podcast



Media management - November 2007

Recorded by: The Limephusion team - Topics: Backup, Data Security, NAS, SAN, Archiving, Cloud Computing, Storage

In this fourth Podcast in the series, we will discuss the topic of Media Management. The discussion will look at in detail as to what is out there to help you manage your personal and business data. We will also provide you with details onLimephusion's Backup Service offering for both the home and business user. Download this podcast



Home automation - August 2007

Recorded by: The Limephusion team - Topics: Wireless, Microsoft, Apple, PC, MAC

In this third in our series of Podcasts we will discuss home automation. This conversation will revolve around the options that are currently available to the public for new builds and old. We will then delve into the various systems that can be controlled in your house. We will look at what you can do to control your utilities, security, lighting, IT, and media systems all under one means of centralised management. Download this podcast



Windows Vista - July 2007

Recorded by: The Limephusion team - Topics: Microsoft, Vista, XP, Upgrades, Systems, Services

This Podcast talks about the general use and upgrading of Windows Vista. It discusses what versions of Vista are out there, if it is wise to upgrade or should you get a PC with Vista pre-installed? Also, experiences with Vista to date, off the shelf versions, the good, the bad, and the ugly side of Microsoft’s new OS. Download this podcast



Internet startup - June 2007

Recorded by: The Limephusion team - Topics: Internet Broadband Services, Connect to the Internet, Online Services

This Podcast discusses connectivity to the Internet, which providers offer some of the best packages, and what methods of connectivity you can use in your home. We also discuss the topics of Internet security, Spyware awareness and some of the common applications the Internet is used for today.

Download this podcast


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