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Here you will find a list of all our previous articles for you to download and enjoy. Limephusion has a wealth of written media that you can view online or download at your leisure. Please come back soon as we are always updating this page with the latest articles, reviews, tips and tricks.

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Articles Archive


PC Housekeeping Part 2 Apple MAC - Article 11

Written by: Limephusion - Topics: Optimisation, Maintenance, Review, Protect, Apple MAC

Part 2 of this series looks at ways of keeping your Apple MAC computer running efficiently and help free up some of that valuable hard drive space.

Read this article



Social Media, a must do but how? - Article 10

Written by: Limephusion - Topics: Facebook, Twitter, Branding, Promote, Business Services

There are several reasons why you should be involved in Social Media. Using it as marketing tool for you business is one of them. This article looks at how you can use Social Media effectively for your business. Read this article



Backing up your business critical data - Article 09

Written by: Limephusion - Topics: Data Backup, Storage, Archiving, Cloud Computing, NAS, SAN

With so much information being created by each of us, it is important to manage your data properly. One important aspect of this is the protection of your critical company data. Read this article



PC Housekeeping Part 1 Windows PC - Article 08

Written by: The Limephusion team - Topics: Optimisation, Maintenance, Review, System Restore, Windows

Computers have a similar life to that of a household, the more you use them the more they get cluttered and dusty. Therefore, from time to time, your computer will require some form of housekeeping. Read this article



PC or Mac, which is right for you? - Article 07

Written by: The Limephusion team - Topics: Apple, OSX, New Systems, MAC, PC

Maybe you have either decided, or are thinking about purchasing, a new computer system or laptop. You may be a seasoned user, or dipping in to the technology ocean for the first time. Either way, you have two paths to choose from, a PC running Microsoft Windows, or an Apple MAC computer running OSX. Read this article



Business on the go - Article 06

Written by: The Limephusion team - Topics: Mobile Working, Remote Working, Remote Access, Business on the Move

“Business on the Go” means that you may need to access documents while you are at a client meeting, you may need to get an e-mail response from a client or supplier while out and about, even place an order online for your customer while onsite. Let Limephsion explain to how mobility can help your business.

Read this article



Windows Vista, what does it have to offer? - Article 05

Written by: The Limephusion team - Topics: Microsoft, Windows, Vista

In this article, the Limephsion team clarify some of the myths surrounding Windows Vista, and explain in detail what this operating system from Microsoft can offer you. Read this article



Using the Portable Document Format (PDF) - Article 04

Written by: The Limephusion team - Topics: Documentation, Adobe, Templates, Word, Pages, Printing

Back in 1993, Adobe Systems introduced the Portable Document Format (PDF) for the flexible presentation of electronic information which would be independent of the application software, hardware, and operating system in use. Read more on how you can make use of the PDF. Read this article



Wireless networks simplified - Article 03

Written by: The Limephusion team - Topics: WiFi, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, home wireless, wireless networking

You have that new broadband line ordered for your home or office, but you realise that you want to be able to surf the Internet from around your home or from that meeting room that you forgot to cable it. Read this article



Top 10 iPhone apps for business on the go - Article 02

Written by: The Limephusion team - Topics: iPhone, Mobile Working, Apple, Apps Store, iTunes, Productivity

Out and about and have an iPhone? If you want to utilise this great technology, whilst keeping in contact and keeping informed. This article from Limephsion takes a look at some of the best apps for the iPhone for businesses on the go. Read this article



An iPod is a way of life - Article 01

Written by: The Limephusion team - Topics: Podcasts, Networking, Podcast Production, Apple, iTunes, Training, New Services

In this article we want to take a deeper look at first what can you use these devices for, but more importantly, what can you get from creating your own content for these devices. Read this article



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